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Content Marketing Analytics

Bridge the gap between your missing social media efforts and your content marketing. Measure.ly helps reveal the earned media that converts the best for your marketing campaign, based on the channel, asset, and influencer. With a 10 minute install, track the effectiveness of what you're already doing. As easy to install as Google Analytics, you'll finally be able to tweak that marketing campaign you've been pushing.

Prevent sending negative email.

A haphazardly thrown together message can ruin a friendship, tick off the boss, or worse: sabotage a deal or business transaction. The ToneCheck add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 was designed to alert people of negative sentiment in their message before they press send.

TweetTone analyzes the emotion behind the conversations on Twitter.

Marketers, social media enthusiasts and trade show attendees count on TweetTone to gauge the sentiment of brands, products, and trending topics.